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LumenTale: Memories of Trey is a Monster Collector RPG set in Talea. LumenTale is a game of exploration, experiences, and emotions.

During the game, you’ll play as Trey, who lost his memories due to unknown reasons, as you’ll explore the vast land of Talea.
At some point in the story, you’ll decide to set on a journey to regain your lost memories. During your travel, you’ll learn all about the deep hate and separation that afflicts the region.

Your only guiding light will be a legend about a mysterious desire… but will that be true?

Discover the secrets of the land and a lot more in LumenTale: Memories of Trey!

After a long, long time the conflict between the two factions stopped, but to this day Talea is still split between the two factions that once fought. They live by very different ideals and still now completely hate each other. In recent times, a company called AARI was created and became now the main channel of communication between the two factions.
Other than that, AARI made a name for itself by becoming the biggest backer and supporter of Lumens all over the world, by providing tools, funds, and facilities for them.

As for the two factions’ ideals, they’re too different to be together:
The North faction strongly believes that progress is the only way to live. Their credo is about pursuing it no matter what might be against it, as long as it doesn’t bring harm to anyone.
Meanwhile, the South faction is all about tradition. They feel that everything their ancestors left them is just too important to be simply discarded, and pursuing progress and technology despite that is like disregarding everything that came before as useless.

The Animons are the mystical creatures that inhabit the universe of LumenTale. They’re made of the special energy that flows throughout the whole world, but not much more is known of their nature. Since ancient times, humans have tried to study and learn more about them, all driven by one striking characteristic all the Animons have: they’re capable of affecting the feelings and interacting with the very soul of every living being. This characteristic makes them resonate so deeply with humans that they cannot simply turn away from them.

They’re beings incapable of being hurt by traditional means, as the only thing that can consistently hurt them must be specialized in dealing with world energy. Fortunately, although some are aggressive and dangerous, others are incredibly friendly and loyal companions. In time, just before when the figure of the Lumen came into existence, the humans had acknowledged their existence and finally, a pacific co-existence between them started.

The Gameplay of LumenTale will feature a lot of minigames, exploration, and ambient puzzles, but the main gameplay revolves around the interaction with the Animons. There are two ways of interacting with the Animons: by using the Holoken in the overworld or by fighting them in Battles.

The Holoken is a device that was created in ancient times and is the main tool the Lumens use to catch and fight with the Animons. Although its shape is similar to a yo-yo, its launching system is oftentimes implemented in particular ways that enable the user to be more comfortable.
By launching it and bumping it into an Animon the Holoken will trigger a mechanism that, by using a Bilia (a little special marble), will begin a catching sequence on the Animon.
During that timeframe, a little minigame will start that might increase the catch success rate for that specific sequence. In some cases, Animon won’t be able to be caught directly and will require multiple throws to be caught!
Performing a successful catch will give you back the Bilia with an Animon Link. Caught Animons are sent into the Anispace, a mysterious place that can’t be found anywhere in the world, but by using a Bilia with an Animon Link in conjunction with the Holoken you can summon them back!
And that’s not all! Using Bilias with Animon Links will let you channel its Elemental power through the Holoken, and this way interact with some specific puzzles in the game world!
Using the Holoken requires both skills and wit, there’s so much to learn!

Battles are the bread and butter of every RPG, and it’s the case for LumenTale too! By battling Animons you can defeat them and gain EXP or you can try your luck and catch them! What’s more, if you’re skilled enough to get the Animon in a cinch your catch is basically assured!

In LumenTale, battles are divided into Actions. Every Animon can perform a certain amount of Actions but depending on the performed one the next ones might be affected. How Actions are performed depends on Action Speed Points, a battle-only value that is calculated based on the Animon’s own Speed stat. The fewer Action Speed Points an Animon has, the quicker it will move!

Every Action increases these points by a value called Action Cost. While some Actions have predefined costs (Switching, using an Item) others have a cost depending on what that Action does. For example, each Skill an Animon can perform has a cost of its own!

The battle system is all about choosing the right order in which to use an Action, picking the best Action to use, and strategizing against your opponents!


  • Follow the story of Trey as he journeys to regain his lost memories!
  • Discover all the amazing Animons and take part in hard and exciting battles with them!
  • Use the Holoken as you journey through the region to capture Animons and interact with the world!
  • Explore the region of Talea while discovering secret treasures and dungeons to challenge!

Title: LumenTale: Memories of Trey

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG


Beehive Studios


Beehive Studios

Release Date: To be announced

System Requirements


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows® 8.1 / 10 / 11 64-bit
    • Processor: AMD FX-4350 / Intel® Core™ i3-3210
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon™ R7 260X (2GB VRAM) / NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750(2GB VRAM)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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